ROW80 Check-In 30/11/2011

What have I done this week; very little.  Did about a thousand words of editing yesterday but then had an idea of doing my villain Steven’s Point-Of-View as diary entries.  This will help with the plot at the end when he’s unmasked because the hero just has to find his diary to reveal what a nasty villain he is.  I think this is a good idea but it does mean I’m going to have to re-write all of Steven’s POV bits.  Will do most of the scenes with Steven twice; first from the POV of the person he’s interacting with and then from his own, diary, entry.  There is a danger of describing everything, or almost everything, twice that the reader will get bored having heard all the action before.  But I think it will round the book out more and give a bigger picture; allowing more characters to come forward and have their say, as it were.  Will have to try it anyway.  if it doesn’t work I’ll have to spend ages putting it all back the way it was.