The Boy on the Beach

Drowned boy

The Boy on the Beach

He lies like a beached seal, washed up like human driftwood on the unforgiving sand.

He came from a war; fleeing towards peace, chasing freedom, safety and security.

His parents wanted all the things we have

Like a decent education for the children and a job that pays more than a pittance.

But most of all they wanted their children to be safe.

The boy thought he was going to a better place.

How right he was.


What has turned the Mediterranean into a graveyard?

A place where the unwanted die as the uncaring look on.

Right wingers beat the nationalist drum and raise panic in their wake.

The threatened become the threat as they mill around trying to reach safety.

When did fleeing persecution become a crime?


A policeman carries the boy’s body away

To a peace that he never knew in life.




If you’re wondering what the title of this post means then let me explain.  October is National Poetry Month and to celebrate this there is a challenge called OctPoWriMo where you have to write and post one poem every day for the entire month of October.  So here is my first poem of the challenge.  I used one of the prompts offered and the poem is basically me thinking about doing this challenge.

Right now, as we begin, I feel

The length of lines coiling out,

The rhythms of verse beating the air,

Metaphors mingle in the wind.

Poetry challenges push our creative demons

Over the cliffs of criticism.

Write fast.

Get airbourne.

And remember;

Critics can’t fly.