ROW80 Check-In 13/02/2013

Number Two

Hooray! The brilliant news is that I have self-published another book on Amazon, bringing my grand total of works available to three! My lovely shining new book on numerology is for sale at the extremely reasonable price of 99 cents or 77 pence. It’s only a short book which is why I’m selling it at such a good price. This is a fabulous wonderful momentous book and I should know because I wrote it! (LOL).

Have taken a short break from writing so since finishing “Numerology for Daily Life” I haven’t written anything for a few days. Am finally getting back into the reading again which is good. Have renewed my library books and been for a dentist appointment. Not a lot else going on in my life.

Oh the scaffolding has been put up and the builders are coming back next week to start repairing our roof.

Am I am still spending too much time on Facebook but that seems to be the way it is right now.

ROW80 Check-In 10/02/2013

Well back to the grindstone! Have started typing up the Christopher Lee interview for the book that lovely hubby and I are doing together. Have started (yesterday) on my Basics of Astrology book. So the writing part of my goals is going pretty well. I’m aiming for consistency of effort rather than huge word counts and hours at the keyboard. As long as I’m working towards my goals every day then it doesn’t matter too much how many (or how few) hours/words I do.

Have put my new numerology book on Amazon’s KDP. So the putting my work out there goal is doing well. Had a few problems with the cover which involved a great deal of swearing and intervention from lovely hubby but I think (!) its all fixed now. The book isn’t live yet and I won’t really be able to tell how it’s worked until it is.

The reading is progressing very slowly because I keep buying more books or borrowing more from the library which means although I’m reaing all the time my ‘to be read’ pile isn’t getting any smaller.

Still spending too much time on Facebook so no change there.

ROW80 Check-In 06/02/2013

snoopy happy dance

The good news is that I have finished my numerology book! Well I still have the proof reading and final spell check/edit to do but apart from that it’s finished. I am very pleased that I’ve done a book in just over a month. Have to decide what to do next but I’ll do that either tomorrow or the day after.

I have been reading one of the books in my ‘to be read’ pile so that’s a start.

Will be putting my numerology book out into the world when it’s all polished and shiny!

Spent less time on Facebook today; mainly because we were out most of the day.

ROW80 Check-In 13/01/2013

Warning!  1

Well so far so good, sort of!  For a list of my original goals read here.

Progress Report.

1.  I have been getting on very well with my numerology book.  It’s turning out to be longer than I thought but I’m on course for finishing at the end of January.

2.  Epic fail.  Have not only been buying more books but went to the library and got a load out so now I have to read them before they become overdue.  The ‘To Be Read Pile’ just keeps growing!

3.  My sister is reading Emily Swann and she says she’s about two-thirds of the way through and she seems to be enjoying it.  She’s a historian and so far she’s only spotted one anachronism.

4.  Have cut down my Facebook time a bit but probably not as much as I should have.  Still waste lots of time every day sharing photos of cats!


Today is Friday the Thirteenth which is supposed to be very unlucky.  Surprisingly for someone who is chronically superstitious, it doesn’t bother me.  Probably because it is mainly a Christain superstition and I’m not Christain.  (I have nothing against Christians.)  But Friday is unlucky because it was the day Jesus was crucified and thirteen is unlucky because Jesus was betrayed by Judas who was seen as being the thirteenth disciple.

My religion is Wiccan and thirteen is actually a lucky number to us.  In the Tarot deck the thirteenth card is the Death card but this is nothing to be afraid of because what the Death card really means is transformation; the death of the old life and the beginning of a new and better one.  It often brings a pleasant change of circumstances.  And in numerology (the occult power of numbers) thirteen is linked to the number four because if you add one and three, you get four.  Four is linked to the earth and stability and the Zodiac sign of Taurus.  It is the number of work and getting things done; this can be seen as boring but it is also progressive.