ROW80 Check – In 08/04/2012 including info about James Joyce and Steven King

Having a bit of a frustrating day because my printer’s not working so I can’t print off my first chapter.  I think it’s finished but I need to read it (hard to read off the screen) to know properly.  I haven’t used the printer for a while so I suspect the ink has just dried up.  Spent ages cleaning the heads and all that stuff but it didn’t make the slightest difference.  I’ve now ordered some new cartridges so hopefully that will fix the problem.

I will be very pleased if I have finished the first chapter.  This will (hopefully) be the final edit before I send it off to my friend who is an agent.  I think I’m on the fifth edit but it might be the sixth; to be honest, I’ve lost count.  But the revision/editing process has been going on so long that I’m getting bored to death of it!  I like writing first drafts: I do not like editing!

Still, I am getting on with it.  My main motivation now is to get it finished so I can go back to writing a lovely first draft again.  I’m being very strict with myself and making myself only work on one project at a time.  Finish what you’re working on, Janet Parfitt!  That’s what I say to myself.  Someone, I forget who, said the difference between novelists and other people is that novelists finish the books they’re writing!

Incidently, I know we all have doubts about our work so I thought you’d like to know that it isn’t just us.  James Joyce’s wife Nora had to sustain serious burns pulling a draft of his first novel Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man from the fire and there’s an interview with Steven King in today’s Sunday Times where the journalist says that King’s wife pulled his first novel Carrie out of the trash and persuaded him it was good enough to be published!