ROW80 Check-In 10/02/2013

Well back to the grindstone! Have started typing up the Christopher Lee interview for the book that lovely hubby and I are doing together. Have started (yesterday) on my Basics of Astrology book. So the writing part of my goals is going pretty well. I’m aiming for consistency of effort rather than huge word counts and hours at the keyboard. As long as I’m working towards my goals every day then it doesn’t matter too much how many (or how few) hours/words I do.

Have put my new numerology book on Amazon’s KDP. So the putting my work out there goal is doing well. Had a few problems with the cover which involved a great deal of swearing and intervention from lovely hubby but I think (!) its all fixed now. The book isn’t live yet and I won’t really be able to tell how it’s worked until it is.

The reading is progressing very slowly because I keep buying more books or borrowing more from the library which means although I’m reaing all the time my ‘to be read’ pile isn’t getting any smaller.

Still spending too much time on Facebook so no change there.

ROW80 Check-In 03/02/2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge
Had a good week! All my original goals are to be found here.

Firstly I have almost finsihed my numerology book. I wrote twelve thousand words of it in January which I’m pretty pleased with. Then I finished (successfully) the Ultimate Blogger Challenge. I posted a new blog post every single day in January so I’m pleased I managed to do that. I will be blogging less because a) blogging every day is a bit of a bind b) I was running out of things to say and c) I have other writing projects that are more important to me.

The reading is still a bit slower than I’d like but its coming along so I should probably stop fussing over it.

As far as putting my work out into the world goes, well I haven’t specifically put any more work out but I’m always moaning about how crap I am at marketing and how much I hate it. Well lovely hubby googled my name and between us we found four and a half pages of stuff about me! I was gobsmacked! There’s my blog, my Facebook page, some reviews I’ve done on Good Reads, blog posts I’ve done for other people; there’s just loads of it! I’m always saying that I can’t build an author platform and I can’t manage to make myself a brand and I seem to have done it without even knowing I’d done it!

But I’m still spending too much time on Facebook.

ROW80 Check-In 27/01/2013

For a link to my original goals; see here

Have done less writing than last week; apathy has been closing in again.  I blame it on the grey cloudy skies and pouring rain!

Reading has slowed down a bit as well, probably for the same reason.

Haven’t put any work out into the world.

And have been spending my life on Facebook again!

I have progressed a bit more on my numerology book but I know now that I won’t be finished by the end of January so the new date for finishing is February the 14th.

Other than that it’s been a slow week.  Hope everyone else is doing better.

ROW80 Check-In 20/01/2013

A professional writer

Making moderate progress which is good.  Here is the link to my post about my goals –

The writing is coming along nice and steady – not too fast but not too slow either.  I have finished over half of chapter four of my numerology book; this chapter is quite long because I have to do all the correspondences.  But I have written words for this book every day this year so far; obviously I have done more on some days than others but that’s always going to be the case.  And I have blogged every day of this year so far as well.

I have finished one of the books I’ve been meaning to read; it was called Rose by Martin Cruz Smith and it was really excellent!  I will do a review of it some time.

No more progress on putting my work out there although I did discover a new competition that I might enter if I can write a poem I consider good enough.  You have to write a poem on the theme of ‘Homeland’ or ‘Motherland’,  the poems must be between twenty and sixty lines.  Link is here.

Still spending too much time on Facebook but I do enjoy it!

ROW80 Check-In 16/01/2013

Well it’s been quite a good week but not the best ever.  Have still been making progress on my goals.  (For a list of my original goals see this post –   )

I have written another chapter of my numerology book and am still on course for finishing at the end of January.  I will be very thrilled if I do that because I don’t actually have to finish until the end of March but I have no problem with being ahead of my goals!

Another epic fail on the reading because I bought two more new books today!  In my defence I did still have some book tokens I got for Christmas to use up and it would have been a crime to waste them!  I have read one library book, am about halfway through three more and haven’t even started on the fourth.

Haven’t really taken any more steps to getting my work out into the light of day.  But on that note, I had an e-mail this morning from the Authonomy team about a new challenge they’re running.  It’s about trying to write a novel, or more accurately, a novella, in just thirty hours!  Sounds a bit extreme!  Here is the link if you fancy trying it.

And finally I’ve been spending just as much time of Facebook as I normally do, if not maybe a little bit more so that’s a fail as well!  Oh dear.  Never mind, there’s always next week.  How’s everyone else getting on?

ROW80 Check-In 13/01/2013

Warning!  1

Well so far so good, sort of!  For a list of my original goals read here.

Progress Report.

1.  I have been getting on very well with my numerology book.  It’s turning out to be longer than I thought but I’m on course for finishing at the end of January.

2.  Epic fail.  Have not only been buying more books but went to the library and got a load out so now I have to read them before they become overdue.  The ‘To Be Read Pile’ just keeps growing!

3.  My sister is reading Emily Swann and she says she’s about two-thirds of the way through and she seems to be enjoying it.  She’s a historian and so far she’s only spotted one anachronism.

4.  Have cut down my Facebook time a bit but probably not as much as I should have.  Still waste lots of time every day sharing photos of cats!

ROW80 Check-In 09/01/2013

Led Zeppelin 6

Right, first things first, Happy Birthday Jimmy Page!

Now on with the ROW check-in.

Have been still writing by numerology book and have almost finished the chapter of destiny numbers; that should be done in two days.

The reading is still moving forward, as usual I’m reading four books at the moment but I’m getting through all four so that’s good.

The getting my writing out there goal has had limited progress but I’m trying to organise more guest posts on other people’s blogs; have another possible one in the pipeline so that’s good.

Spending too much time on Facebook; err, well maybe a little bit less but not a huge amount.  Oh dear!  Still there’s always hope I’ll do better for the next check-in.

Well, that’s my check-in.  How did it go for you gujys?

ROW80 Check-In 06/01/2013

Aargh!  I can’t believe it’s another round of ROW already!  What happened to the last round?  And I can’t believe it’s 2013 as well.  As I get older, the years seem to whizz by faster and faster.


1) Write four books this year; ideally one a round of ROW.

2) Read some of the books I’ve been buying and not getting around to reading yet.

3) To stop hiding my light under a bushel and actually send my writing out to people; I rarely submit my work because I’m too afraid but this year I’m going to bite the bullet and do it!

4) To stop spending my life on Facebook and do more constructive things like read and write.


1) Have half finished one book already; they’re only short books, I shouldn’t think any of them will be more than fifty pages.

2) Have made a pile of books to be read in my study and have started working my way through.  In truth I had to make two piles because when I tried to put them all in one pile they fell over!  And I don’t have room to pile up any more so these piles are just for starters.

3) Have sent out Emily Swann to a friend who’s a literary agent.

4) Still go on Facebook but have stopped playing half the silly games I used to.

Hope everyone else has a great round!