The Further Adventures of a Widget


This is our cat Widget, otherwise known as Widget Bongle.  Yesterday she had to go to the animal hospital to have some teeth taken out.  We knew she had a problem with her teeth because her breath was really smelly!

Anyway, we dropped her off yesterday morning after signing the consent form (which I hate doing!) and then fretted all day (as you do!)  Finally the hospital rang us just after five to say there was a problem.  My heart dropped.

Now Widget had had diabetes but she recovered so well that it looked like the diabetes had gone away.  But the hospital said that they’d done a routine blood test before the operation and found that her blood sugar was very high!

So it looks like her diabetes is back.  I have to give her injections of insulin twice a day, its only one unit of insulin so it’s obviously a very small amount.  It’s a good job that she is very good about taking her injections.  She squeaks a bit before but she never plays up much.

One of the things we both love about Widget is that she is a very gentle cat.  She never bites or claws; it’s just not within her.  If something is happening that she doesn’t like she just runs away.  She doesn’t like being picked up but she just wriggles like mad when you do it.  Again, she is never aggressive.

She is such a loving cat and she loves to be stroked and petted.  That’s one of the reasons we adopted her from the Rescue Centre is that she came straight over to us and cuddled and purred and she was so affectionate right from the beginning.

Today she looks fine, her eyes are bright and her nose is cold and damp and she’s moving around fine.  She looks well and she’s eating okay and drinking her water.  She won’t drink tap water so we have to buy mineral water for her to have!  The things we do for that cat!  So her diabetes is back but it looks like it’s under control.