ROW80 Check-In 13/02/2013

Number Two

Hooray! The brilliant news is that I have self-published another book on Amazon, bringing my grand total of works available to three! My lovely shining new book on numerology is for sale at the extremely reasonable price of 99 cents or 77 pence. It’s only a short book which is why I’m selling it at such a good price. This is a fabulous wonderful momentous book and I should know because I wrote it! (LOL).

Have taken a short break from writing so since finishing “Numerology for Daily Life” I haven’t written anything for a few days. Am finally getting back into the reading again which is good. Have renewed my library books and been for a dentist appointment. Not a lot else going on in my life.

Oh the scaffolding has been put up and the builders are coming back next week to start repairing our roof.

Am I am still spending too much time on Facebook but that seems to be the way it is right now.

ROW80 Check-In 10/02/2013

Well back to the grindstone! Have started typing up the Christopher Lee interview for the book that lovely hubby and I are doing together. Have started (yesterday) on my Basics of Astrology book. So the writing part of my goals is going pretty well. I’m aiming for consistency of effort rather than huge word counts and hours at the keyboard. As long as I’m working towards my goals every day then it doesn’t matter too much how many (or how few) hours/words I do.

Have put my new numerology book on Amazon’s KDP. So the putting my work out there goal is doing well. Had a few problems with the cover which involved a great deal of swearing and intervention from lovely hubby but I think (!) its all fixed now. The book isn’t live yet and I won’t really be able to tell how it’s worked until it is.

The reading is progressing very slowly because I keep buying more books or borrowing more from the library which means although I’m reaing all the time my ‘to be read’ pile isn’t getting any smaller.

Still spending too much time on Facebook so no change there.

An almost shameless promotion!

Well after having my novel Blood Addiction on Amazon Kindle for over two years I’ve finally figured out how to promote it!  So until March 17th it will be free to download!

I’m hoping that lots of lovely people will download it and love it so much they’ll give me rave reviews and (almost) overnight it will zoom up the Amazon Best Seller list and make me oodles of money!  That’s the dream anyway!

f this stupid link doesn’t work, which right now I must admit I can’t get it to work, then you can just go to the main Amazon site and search for the title Blood Addiction and it will be there.

Don’t forget it’s free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blood Addiction

A bit of shameless plugging today, but come on; it’s not like I do it often.

 Blood Addiction

Chapter One

            I have always loved the night; it has a seductive quality to it that is unmistakeable.  The days are brash and uninteresting; full of boring people who do boring jobs they despise.  But at night the interesting people come out and start to party.  The days are about work but the nights are about having fun.  It’s like the difference between a Monday morning and a Saturday night; no contest.  That particular night I woke up slowly, I was warm and comfortable at first; I didn’t feel like moving except I started to feel a familiar hunger in my stomach which intensified quickly until it felt like I was being kicked in the gut.

I rolled over and got up.  I showered quickly just to get clean.  Sometimes I have long showers where I stand there for a while and just let the water roll over my body, it helps to remind me that I’m still part human but my hunger was so strong I was anxious to get outside quickly and feed.  I shaved and brushed my hair because it’s easier to hunt if you look good.  I’ve never bothered too much about clothes.  I figured that as long as I looked halfway decent and didn’t smell bad I’d be in with a chance.  I just pulled on T-shirt and jeans with a leather jacket on top.  I’m no fashion plate; I can’t be bothered with all that.  I know some people spend hours getting ready;   I’m too lazy to put that much effort into something that doesn’t seem that important.   My only thing when it comes to fashion is my cowboy boots; I always wear them.  When I was a kid one of the nicer foster homes I was in used to let me watch TV a lot and I loved the westerns.  The cowboys always seemed so heroic and brave; I wanted to be just like that.  Fat chance.  But that’s kid’s dreams for you.

Stepping outside there was a light drizzle falling making the sidewalk slippery and giving everything a shine like it had just been polished.  Wet leaves clogged the gutters causing small rivers to gush and gurgle as the overflow looked for somewhere to escape.  It was the kind of rain that soaked you through before you even really noticed it was falling.  The city ofNew Yorkshone like a wet neon diamond.  I crossed town on the subway because you never hunt in your own back yard.  Coming up into the cold air gave me goose bumps; either that or the thrill of the pursuit ahead, I wasn’t sure.  I looked in the window of a bar and there were a bunch of good looking women sat at a table laughing and joking.  They were like something out of Sex and the City.  Five pretty girls lined up in a row.  Perfect.  I walked in.

This is an extract from my first novel and if you want to read the rest you’ll have to buy it!  Click the link below to purchase.

Irritating postmen and the saga of the clock radio alarm.

Last night before I went to bed I put a notice on our front door saying ‘Please put any parcels in the green box’.  There’s a big green recycling box next to our front door and as well as putting our old newspapers in it, we use it as a postal drop when we’re out.  I was expecting delivery of my new clock radio (more on that later) which is why I put the notice up.  I’m not a morning person and never have been so I figured the postman wouldn’t need to ring the bell and wake me up, he could just stick the parcel in the box.  Simples, as they say in that meerkat ad.

Twenty past eight in the morning (!) and the doorbell rings; thinking it must be something that needs signing for I leap (yes really) out of bed, rush downstairs and answer the door.  It’s the postie with my clock radio, which did not need signing for.  I was so irritated I nearly swore at him, something along the lines of ‘can’t you fucking read?’ but just stopped myself.  Stomped back to bed but of course, couldn’t get back to sleep.

Now the saga of the clock radio.  My old clock radio (and it was old!) was broken.  The tuning kept slipping on the radio so that you’d set it at night to wake you up with some music and the tuning would slip in the night so that you ended up being woken up by an earful of static first thing in the morning!  Not good.  So I ordered a new one on Amazon.  About a week later Amazon e-mailed me to say that the clock radio I’d ordered was out of stock and furthermore, would never be in stock.  I e-mailed them straight back asking for a refund and after another week I’d heard nothing so I gave up, went to Currys and bought a new radio alarm clock.  When I got back from Currys there was an e-mail waiting for me on my computer to say the clock radio from Amazon had been shipped!  I couldn’t believe it!

So I went back to Currys and returned the clock radio I’d bought, they were fine about that, no quibbling or anything.  Then Wednesday we went out briefly for about half an hour and of course, while we were out they tried to deliver the clock radio, couldn’t and so took it back to the depot.  Wonderful Gary, the greatest husband in the world, went online to get them to re-deliver on Friday, which they did but at twenty past eight in the morning!  Grrrrr!  Still at least I have the thing!


Have been feeling a bit depressed lately over the writing career; just felt that no-one was ever going to buy my books and I was never going to be the successful writer that I so want to be or achieve the lifestyle of writing and travelling that I want.  So you can imagine my surprise when late last night I got an e-mail from a woman called Francesca to say that she had just bought both of my books from Kindle e-store!

I was over the moon!  I nearly cried!  I went rushing in to tell Gary and he was really excited too.  I e-mailed Francesca back to tell her that she was my first customer and to thank her for buying my books.  I feel vindicated.  It’s the first time I have ever sold any of my work.  Until yesterday no-one had ever paid money to read my writing; I know it’s only two copies but at least it’s a start and it proves I can sell my work.  I feel so much more confident about my writing today.  Yesterday I was feeling ‘what’s the point of writing this stuff, no-one’s ever going to read it but they are going to read it and pay for the privilege too!