My First Valentine with Gary

Gary was at the time my fiancee (he’s now my lovely hubby) and when Valentine’s Day dawned I was quite excited because it was the first time in a while I actually had a boyfriend in time for the most romantic day of the year.  Being quiet and shy with boys I didn’t have a huge amount of experience so I was looking forward to being treated like a princess.  I didn’t mention anything as the day wore on because I assumed he must be planning a surprise.  Finally at about half past ten I said to him “So you didn’t get me anything for Valentine’s then?”  I swear for one second I saw the whites of his eyes!  “Valentine’s” he repeated blankly.  So I got nothing; no flowers, no choccies, not a teddy or even a card.

Now I realise he wasn’t being malicious or cruel, he just forgets dates.  So now I no longer leave these things to chance.  Lesson learned on that score.  With crucial dates, I personally put them in his diary but I don’t leave it there for it is not unknown for him to forget to check his diary so I let him know; frequently.  I’ll say “It’s Valentine’s next week, it’s Valentine’s in six days, it’s Valentine’s in five days” and so on.  He hasn’t forgotten again!