Congratulations Andy Murray!

Andy Murray

Today Andy Murray became the first British man in 77 years to win the men’s singles final at Wimbledon. So Congratulations Andy Murray!

When he first emerged years ago I must confess I didn’t like him very much because at that time he struck me as cold and unemotional. I started to admire his ability to play great tennis but it was when he cried last year after losing the final to Roger Federer that he completely won me over.

Well done Andy; you were magnificent!

The Ultimate Blogging Challenge

Ultimate Blog Challenge

Well I know I’ve been neglecting my blog and I have been feeling guilty about it. So I have decided to do something about it by signing up for the ultimate blogging challenge in July which means I HAVE to do thirty blog posts this month or else!

I include the link to the Ultimate Blogging Challenge here. That’s just in case you won’t to know more or to sign up for it yourself.

I’m sat here watching the tennis as well as typing, (I’m a woman, I can multitask!) and I think the best blogs should be more like a tennis match or a good conversation in that it shouldn’t be completely one sided with just me writing but I enjoy getting comments and feedback on my blog so don’t be shy about having your say.

My goal when I started my blog was to have one hundred subscribers and I have reached that so I’m very happy. Obviously I would love to have a world famous huge money making blog but I think that’s unlikely, at least in the near future but I do enjoy blogging and I very much intend to keep doing it!

First Love

Do you remember your first love?  I do.  My mother loves to watch sport on TV and when I was about fourteen I came into the room while she was watching some tennis and that’s when I saw him for the first time.

Oh Bjorn!  It was just love and it does go a long way to explaining my life long fascination with tennis.  Now of course I like and admire Nadal and Federer and Murray and so on but nobody will ever replace Bjorn in my affections.  He was, is and always will be my favourite tennis player because he was my first love!

So who was your first love?

ROW80 Check – In 17/06/2012

Firstly, apologies for absence.  This is my first check in for about three weeks or maybe more.  Its been so long I can’t work it out.  I’ve been lethargic and apathetic for a while and then I discovered I could watch the French Open (tennis) on ITV4 and that was it.  I can cheerfully spend eight hours a day watching tennis, I wish I could spend that much time writing!

I did do quite a lot of reading which is a small consolation.  I finished Life by Keith Richards, which is a great book that I thoroughly recommend.  I’m almost at the end of A Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain which is equally good but in a very different way.  I did manage to do three pages of Emily Swann yesterday plus a blog post plus 750 words so that was a productive day.  Now I just have to try to do that every day.