My Favourite Fictional Character

My favourite fictional character is Sherlock Holmes.  As well as being stunningly clever, he’s quite athletic and can box; okay he’s a drug addict but you can’t have everything.  I’m not interested in Rambo who’s just a bit of an idiot with a big gun.  Sherlock would have found a way to defeat the nasty sheriff in the Rambo films and still come out on top.  In order to win in this world, you have to fight smart, not tough.  Yes Rambo manages to kill a lot of people but all he really does is get himself into deeper and deeper trouble.

Sherlock Holmes has the ability to notice, to reason and to come to the right conclusion and when he explains how he did it, it seems so obvious you wonder why you didn’t see it yourself.  My personal favourite portrayal of Holmes is by Jeremy Brett although I liked Peter Cushing’s portrayal and Basil Rathbone’s too.  The thing that spoils the Basil Rathbone Holmes films for me is the portrayal of Watson.  He’s shown as being an idiot and he just wasn’t like that.  Holmes would have never wasted his time going round with a buffoon!