Bargains and Bog-offs.

What with the economy the way it is we’re all feeling the pinch.  Our energy bills have skyrocketed, the cost of our food bill has risen and the cost of petrol seems to go up every day.  We filled up our car today and without a reduction it would have cost us about fifty pounds.  When we first bought our car a couple of years ago it cost us about thirty five pounds to fill up.  So, like everybody else we live on bargains and bogoffs.  We seek out all money saving vouchers, gravitate towards all the special offers in the supermarket (usually at the end of the aisle) and have stopped buying most branded products in exchange for the supermarkets own.

Without all this behaviour it is doubtful if we could afford to live.  We’re all on limited incomes and it’s hard to make ends meet.  We struggle to save energy by turning off lights as soon as we leave the room and turning down the thermostat etc but we have to have heat and we can’t sit in the dark all evening!  Still moaning about it doesn’t change anything but sometimes it does make us all feel better.  Here’s to a more prosperous future for all of us!