An Obituary for a Lovely Man.


Sadly, the lovely man on the far left, whose name was Gary D. Dorst passed away two nights ago.  He died in his sleep, probably of a heart attack; he was sixty-five.

I only met him the once when he came to England to visit Bray for an open day.  Bray was where they filmed a lot (but not all) of the Hammer Horror films.  Gary Dorst was, like everyone else in this photo except me, a huge fan of Hammer Horror.

The other people in the phot are Fred Kellogg, who is sitting on my lap,  my lovely hubby who is sat down waving and Dick Klemensen who is sat on hubby’s lap.  Dick Klemensen publishes a great magazine called Little Shop of Horrors which is all about Hammer films.

Gary Dorst was a lovely sweet man who was so kind and funny.  I remember he made me laugh a lot and I liked him straight away.  I only wish I’d had the chance to get to know him better.  My sympathies are totally with his wife Joyce at this sad moment.  I don’t know exactly how long they’d been married but I do know it was a long time.  So long Gary; we will miss you.