Blood Addiction and the Image of a Vampire.

Blood Addiction

When I wrote my novel Blood Addiction, you could say that I wrote it in reaction to the novel Twilight.  I confess I haven’t actually read Twilight because I’m the sort of person who doesn’t like to read what everyone else is reading but I would need to live in a cave not to have heard about it!

Actually the thing that annoyed me most about Twilight was the idea of Vampires that don’t kill people!  I mean; what is the point of that?  Its like rock stars who don’t take drugs and bang the groupies.  Isn’t that the point of being a rock star?  And isn’t the killing part the point of vampires?  The idea of a vampire that doesn’t kill disgusts me!  If you don’t want any killing in your book then write about little fluffy bunnies; not vampires!

So when I wrote Blood Addiction I was determined to make my vampires monsters.  Even Vladimir, the anti-hero of the whole thing, kills a teenage girl in the first chapter.  And Lord Ruthven, who’s the villain of the piece, even kills two young children.  So if this is the sort of thing you don’t like, here’s a heads-up.  Don’t read Blood Addiction.  But if you like your vampires to be proper killing machines, then its possible that Blood Addiction might just be the book for you!