Re-blogging The Year of Kindness


Firstly I would like to thank M J Wright for his fabulous idea to make 2013 The Year Of Kindness.

Then I would like to thank Kozo for their idea about blogging for peace.

And finally I would like to thank the wonderful K M Huber for posting about all this so I got to hear about it!

Thanks guys!

I want to be a rock star!

When I was young (yes, I was young once!) the only thing I wanted was to be a rock star.  And not just any old rock star but the greatest rock star ever!  I wanted to be as sexy as Jim Morrison in his younger days before he got fat and bearded, as smart as Mick Jagger, to dance like Michael Jackson, write songs like Bob Dylan, play guitar like Jimmy Page and sing like Janis Joplin!

Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out and I soon discovered that playing the guitar is a lot harder than it looks and my voice would make pancakes look like the Himalayas!  But I can still dream which is why one of my favourite games is Guitar Hero.  And I love that song by Nickelback!