John Lennon and Blogging for Peace

john lennon stampforpeace6

As part of the Blogging for Peace thing you agree to do one post a month on the subject of peace and so this is my January Peace blog.  I thought I do a bit about John Lennon because it seemed appropriate.

Now I don’t think John Lennon was a paragon of virtue who led a blameless life by any means but I do think he did some good in getting people to think about peace.  Through his extremely high public profile he was able to influence a huge amount of people into looking for means to resolve our differences without violence.

Now its arguable how much effect he had in practical terms but there is no doubt that his influence on people was largely beneficial.  Through songs such as Imagine, Happy Christmas (War is Over) and Give Peace a Chance he used to music to try and make the world a better place.  I was going to use bits of those songs on this blog but I’m frightened of getting sued so decided against it!

So whether you are or aren’t a fan of John Lennon, all I am saying is give peace a chance.

Re-blogging The Year of Kindness


Firstly I would like to thank M J Wright for his fabulous idea to make 2013 The Year Of Kindness.

Then I would like to thank Kozo for their idea about blogging for peace.

And finally I would like to thank the wonderful K M Huber for posting about all this so I got to hear about it!

Thanks guys!