ROW80 Check – In 09/07/2014

Do not annoy the writer

Okay, I admit it; I’ve been in the doldrums for a while. I haven’t written a word in ages because first I told myself I was going away to Ireland and I’d start again when I got back. Then I told myself that I’d start at the beginning of July, but I missed that date. I realise that I was just making excuses so yesterday I bit the bullet and just wrote another chapter of my work in progress. I must say that I felt a lot better for doing it. Yesterday I also managed to sort out the favourites on my computer, which was a job I’d been meaning to do for ages and kept putting off. I practised my guitar, figured out how to listen to an audio book on my Kindle Fire and did 750 words.

Today I chopped all the weeds back in our front garden, wrote another chapter of my work in progress, practised my guitar and had another guitar lesson, did this blog post and plan to do another 750 words later. So after a long pause it’s back to full speed ahead!

ROW80 Check-In 05/01/2014

Shut up and start writing

Another year, another round of ROW. So I have a list of seven daily goals and my goal is to try to do all of them every day but not to hate myself if I don’t manage that. Then every week I shall assess how I’ve done and report back on that.

So my daily goals are
1) Do one page of my W.I.P. every day. So far I’m five for five on that one.
2) Practise guitar. Haven’t done that so far today but I have for the four other days this year.
3) Do 750 words every day either on the computer or longhand. Am five for five on that one too.
4) Blog every day. I have two blogs now. This one and The Queen of Books one so I must have something to say on at least one of them every day, you’d think but this task seems to be the one I have the most trouble with. Only two out of five on that one.
5) Reading. No problem there. Five for five as I would rather read than eat.
6) Cleaning. By this I mean above and beyond what I normally do. Not just the usual cleaning up but deep cleaning and/or decluttering. Managed three out of five so far.
7) Read Mike Young’s book, Kirk’s Landing and write a review on Amazon when I’m finished. I’ve read the first seven chapters.

And finally I’ve chosen my keyword for the year and it is ‘magical’. This will be a magical year for me in every sense of the word. It’s time for me to stop dabbling and really dive into the depths of my magical powers. Look out world!

ROW80 Check-In 15/09/2013

Shut up and start writing

Gosh I haven’t done one of these in ages! It’s been so long I’ve forgotten what my original goals were! Never mind, that’s a good excuse to come up with new ones. I now have a list of daily tasks which I aim to complete. So far I haven’t had a day where I do all of them but I managed to do most of them. The tasks are:

1) Exercise
2) Write at least one page of my WIP
3) Practise my guitar
4) Work on my jungle/garden
5) Do 750 words thing
6) Do one blog post for either of my blogs (I have tow now!)
7) Carry on with all my with assorted reading

Today so far I have done one, three, six and seven. So I don’t think I’m doing too badly. I know full well that I’m not going to do everything every day; as I said I haven’t managed to achieve one day yet where I have done every task but if I’m doing most of them then that must be a good thing.

If I don’t do one task then I try to prioritise that one for the next day. Yesterday I forgot to practise my guitar so I made sure that I did that today.

Hope the rest of you guys are getting on okay.

Magnetic Poetry

poetry blog

Thanks to the influence of OctPoWriMo and the wonderful Morgan Dragonwillow, I was inspired to have another go at my magnetic poetry set and here is the result.

make believe woman is a monster/almost sweet on the hot hard morning/rain goddess bring me your night.

Another Beautiful Poem from Beth Camp

Today’s post is a re-blog of a poem by the wonderfully talented poet, Beth Camp. I subscribe to her blog which I have been following for a while and it is my opinion that her poetry is really good. Click the link and I’m sure you’ll agree.

The Ultimate Blogging Challenge

Ultimate Blog Challenge

Well I know I’ve been neglecting my blog and I have been feeling guilty about it. So I have decided to do something about it by signing up for the ultimate blogging challenge in July which means I HAVE to do thirty blog posts this month or else!

I include the link to the Ultimate Blogging Challenge here. That’s just in case you won’t to know more or to sign up for it yourself.

I’m sat here watching the tennis as well as typing, (I’m a woman, I can multitask!) and I think the best blogs should be more like a tennis match or a good conversation in that it shouldn’t be completely one sided with just me writing but I enjoy getting comments and feedback on my blog so don’t be shy about having your say.

My goal when I started my blog was to have one hundred subscribers and I have reached that so I’m very happy. Obviously I would love to have a world famous huge money making blog but I think that’s unlikely, at least in the near future but I do enjoy blogging and I very much intend to keep doing it!

My work in progress

I’m never sure how much to share of my work in progress on my blog. I worry about boring people with it so by the time I’ve finished they’ll be already sick to death of it and then I worry about other people stealing my ideas. And there’s the problem of how much to share and how often. Surely no-one want’s to know every time you move a comma but if you start talking to people about the work you’re doing then when do you stop.

I’ve decided to experiment a bit with this idea and so in this post I’m including the first four pages of my current novel of which the working title is Dead in the Water. Bear in mind it’s only a first draft.

Dead in the Water

There was no moon that night which made the stars look bigger and brighter than Patrick Ryan had ever seen them. He felt as if he could reach up with his hand and pull them all down one by one.
“You idiot” he said out loud shaking his head.
“Talking to yourself Paddy; it’s the first sign of madness.”
Patrick looked round to see Captain George Morrison looking at him with that huge grin on his face.
“You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that Captain; it’s not polite” Patrick complained.
“I’m not polite” the Captain said.
“You got that right” Patrick agreed sending his cigarette stub over the rail in a tiny arc of fire.
The ship’s engines throbbed their endless refrain; the sea was as smooth as a mirror as the huge oil tanker nosed its way through the Indian Ocean. With the coast of Somalia only a few thousand miles away, piracy was a real danger in these waters. Patrick lifted his binoculars and scanned the surrounding water but saw nothing.
“Keep watching” the Captain said as he slapped Patrick on the back nearly knocking him off his feet. “We don’t want to lose another security guard.”
Patrick grunted by way of a response. The incident eight days ago had rattled everybody’s nerves. A group of Somali pirates had attempted to board the tanker but fortunately the state of the art radar system and the armed security guards paid for by the Arab sheiks had been enough to beat them off but not before one security guard had been shot and two of the pirates had been killed. It had been the Captain’s decision to post some lookouts on deck just in case the radar missed anything. It was an unpopular job, keeping watch because it was boring and dangerous at the same time but no-one complained.
Ducking his head Captain Morrison went through the hatch and climbed up a ladder to reach the bridge. The first officer, Richard Bradley, was checking the weather systems on the computer.
“All sunshine and smiles” he said as the Captain came over.
“At least the weather’s good” the Captain replied. “Nothing on the radar?”
“No Sir” said the crypto logic technician who was sat in front of the screen.
“I’m just going for a coffee; take over Number One” the Captain said.
“Yes sir.”
The Captain left the bridge and went down the corridor, ducking his head through the hatch that led to the canteen. The men all leapt to attention when they saw him.
“At ease” the Captain said.
The men returned to their meals. The captain signalled to the cook, Davy Pratchett, known as Crockett, to all the crew, to get him a coffee.
“One double espresso coming up.”
“Thanks Crockett.”
“I hope Bug-eyes is paying attention” Crockett said.
The Captain smiled, knowing that Bug-eyes was the nickname of the Crypto Logic Technician.
“He’d better be or he’s going to be feeling my foot on the seat of his pants.”
“I have no doubt of it Captain.”
The men who were off duty were playing cards, reading or sleeping in their bunks but the Captain could sense a restlessness in the air. It was like the electricity before a storm and it was making everyone nervous.
The first officer’s voice came over the intercom.
“Battle stations; incoming.”
There was a flurry of movement as meals, drinks and cards were abandoned. The Captain raced for the Bridge.
“Situation report” he barked.
“A small unidentified vessel approaching 25 degrees, port side” Bug-eyes said.
“Get the security on deck, all of them! Hail the oncoming vessel.”
The communications officer tried to establish contact but no-one answered.
“Fire a flare, light them up” the Captain ordered. “Keep trying on the radio.”
“The security are saying they can see shapes but nothing definite; they’re awaiting your orders Sir” the Number One said.
“Anything on the coms?”
“Nothing Sir.”
“Keep trying.”
“Security say that the flare shows a group of people in what looks like a dinghy; they appear to be wearing dark clothes and look as if they’re attempting to board; they want to know whether to open fire.”
“If they try to board then tell them to shoot.”
“Yes Sir.”
Only the beeping of the radio and the voice of the Communications officer could be heard. Then there was a crackle of gunfire. Then silence.
“Status report?” the Captain said.
The Chief Security Officer came on the intercom “Captain I think you’d better come down.”
“On my way.”
On the deck were a group of people. There was a young man shouting “What have you done?” A young woman was crying and there was a body of another woman lying on the deck. Her balaclava had been pulled off and her blond hair streamed around her face; she looked about eighteen and she was undoubtedly dead. A camera tripod was still gripped in her left hand.
“What the hell?” the Captain said.
“Murderers! Fascists!” the other young woman threw her self at the Captain.
“Who are these people? What is going on?” the Captain asked.
“EAA Sir” the Chief Security Officer replied. “We thought she was carrying a gun.”
The young man confronted the Captain.
“We are the Environmental Action Agency committed to saving the environment by direct action. You’re just not going to save the planet with a leaflet campaign. Our aims are…”
“Put these people in the brig”, the Captain said.
“Yes Sir.”
“You have no right. I know my rights. I want a lawyer. This is false imprisonment” the young man in charge yelled. The other five in the group murmured their agreement.
The Captain just walked away. He turned back.
“See she’s taken care off”, he nodded in the direction of the body.

The ROW Check-in that never was!

Widget 5

As you may have noticed, I have not checked in for ages! I haven’t blogged for ages and this isn’t really a check-in either. In the time I’ve been away, my beloved cat Widget has died (boo hoo), I have been selected to go on Mastermind, I have been to Ireland and visited my parents and my sister has finally set a date for her wedding. Also, I sent Emily Swann off to an agent where it was promptly rejected! The rejection of Emily Swann and the death of my Widget upset me greatly and so I retreated from the writing world for a bit.

I do have periods where I stop writing, usually when I’m upset but I always wander back into the fold eventually. I’m not working on any particular project at the moment. My specialist subject for Mastermind is Sitting Bull and so I’m reading and taking notes on his life like mad and as I’ve always wanted to write a book about him, the plan is that when Mastermind is over I can use all the research I’m doing now for that.

Goals; what goals? My goal at the moment is to get through Mastermind without making a fool of myself and that’s all for now. But enough about me; how have you guys been getting on?

ROW80 Check-In 03/02/2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge
Had a good week! All my original goals are to be found here.

Firstly I have almost finsihed my numerology book. I wrote twelve thousand words of it in January which I’m pretty pleased with. Then I finished (successfully) the Ultimate Blogger Challenge. I posted a new blog post every single day in January so I’m pleased I managed to do that. I will be blogging less because a) blogging every day is a bit of a bind b) I was running out of things to say and c) I have other writing projects that are more important to me.

The reading is still a bit slower than I’d like but its coming along so I should probably stop fussing over it.

As far as putting my work out into the world goes, well I haven’t specifically put any more work out but I’m always moaning about how crap I am at marketing and how much I hate it. Well lovely hubby googled my name and between us we found four and a half pages of stuff about me! I was gobsmacked! There’s my blog, my Facebook page, some reviews I’ve done on Good Reads, blog posts I’ve done for other people; there’s just loads of it! I’m always saying that I can’t build an author platform and I can’t manage to make myself a brand and I seem to have done it without even knowing I’d done it!

But I’m still spending too much time on Facebook.

ROW80 Check-In 20/01/2013

A professional writer

Making moderate progress which is good.  Here is the link to my post about my goals –

The writing is coming along nice and steady – not too fast but not too slow either.  I have finished over half of chapter four of my numerology book; this chapter is quite long because I have to do all the correspondences.  But I have written words for this book every day this year so far; obviously I have done more on some days than others but that’s always going to be the case.  And I have blogged every day of this year so far as well.

I have finished one of the books I’ve been meaning to read; it was called Rose by Martin Cruz Smith and it was really excellent!  I will do a review of it some time.

No more progress on putting my work out there although I did discover a new competition that I might enter if I can write a poem I consider good enough.  You have to write a poem on the theme of ‘Homeland’ or ‘Motherland’,  the poems must be between twenty and sixty lines.  Link is here.

Still spending too much time on Facebook but I do enjoy it!