Wallabies on the Isle of Wight.

A wallaby

Me with a wallaby 2

Gary and I went to the Isle of Wight for my birthday treat. It’s an extremely nice place to visit especially when, like us, you’re lucky with the weather. We stayed in a lovely hotel and both Gary and I were surprised by how many attractions there were. We saw five in three days and trust me; we only scratched the surface.

We went to a monkey and owl haven, Osborne House and Carisbrooke castle, a sea life/aquatic centre and a donkey sanctuary. The wallabies were at the sealife/aquatic centre, though what they were doing there was never explained!

But they are the cutest little things! I wanted to pick one up and take it home! They are so soft and fluffy as well as being incredibly tame. You can stroke them and pet them and they will take food out of your hand. They are so gentle and when they eat out of your hand there is no tooth action, they take the food with their little soft lips. They are just so sweet, it is incredibly tempted to pinch one! Not that I would really because it would be irresponsible and probably extremely bad for the poor little things who undoubtedly need specialised care. But it doesn’t stop me from loving them!

The Ghost of Highgate Village.

View of Highgate John Constable

I thought I’d tell you a ghost story today. My sister told me this so it must be right! In 1626 Francis Bacon, who was a English writer and early scientist amongst other things, did an early experiment in the refridgeration of food. He decided to stuff a chicken (obviously a dead one) with snow to see if he could find a way to prolong the shelf life of meat. The end result of this was that he caught pneumonia and died.

But it isn’t his ghost that haunts Highgate Village; he’s supposed to haunt somewhere else, I forget where now. It is actually the ghost of the half frozen chicken that is supposed to haunt Highgate Village. Now I can’t imagine that the ghost of a half-frozen chicken would be that scary but you never know!

I hate fox hunting!

cute foxes

I hate fox hunting because I think it is unbelieveably cruel!  I can understand that if someone is a poultry farmer and a fox gets into their hen house then they might have to shoot it to save the lives of their hens.  But if they must kill it, then do it with a quick clean shot.  To tear a panic striken animal to pieces with a pack of dogs is an act of barbarity that should not be allowed in the twenty-first century.

Some people will say it’s traditional but that is a pathetic argument.  It’s the same argument they used to try and justify slavery.  If it was traditional to be a peodophile, then would that make it okay to be one?  Of course not!  Just because something is traditional doesn’t make it right.

And there are those who will say it is a sport.  No; tennis, football and rugby are sports.  Ripping wild animals to pieces with dogs is not sport; it a an act of gross brutality.