Trashy TV

We all moan about the quality of TV programmes nowadays but that doesn’t stop us watching them and most of us have at least one programme we watch which we know is crap really but we love it anyway!  My sister loves Judge Judy, my best friend loves Home and Away, hubby loves Jerry Springer and I love America’s Next Top Model.  ANTM as we fans call it, is such a bitch fest; I love the way in week one all the girls are going “Oh the other girls are sooo wonderful and such beautiful people and I’m blessed to be here” and by week three its “if that bitch touches my hairbrush again I’m going to rip her tits off!”  The modelling challenges are good and how they do in their photos is interesting but it’s what they do when they’re all crammed in the house together that is the most interesting bit because that’s when the fur begins to fly!

So if it’s Monday that means it’s ANTM tonight!  Hooray!