Practising Gratitude – The Get Happy Quick Solution

The Little Book of Happiness 2

We all want to be happy and yet some of use find it incredibly difficult to be just that.  I’m not talking about the occasional moment of happiness but a life where we are happy a lot more often than we aren’t.  We imagine that only the rich and famous or maybe the Dalai Lama can achieve such an exalted state but really anyone can do it.

Happiness is much easier to achieve when you practise gratitude every day.  Just find five things a day that you are grateful for.  Unless you’re doing solitary confinement in Alcatraz I think most of us can find five things to be grateful for.  They can be big things like booking a holiday or small things like having hot buttered toast; there are no limits on what you choose because its your list and no-one else can say whether its right or wrong.

So go ahead and start your list and be happy!