A Viking Saga!

Office chair

If you looking for big bearded warriors in longships then look away now because this is not that kind of Viking saga. Sorry to disappoint you but this one is a lot more pedestrian than that. My husband has an old wobbly chair upstairs so I decided to buy him a new office chair for Christmas. I contacted Viking, the office supplies company, and ordered a nice new chair for Gary. It arrived in a big box and everything looked fine.

I didn’t put it together until boxing day but I managed to assemble it very easily. Then Gary tried it out but when he sat on it, it sank. I tried it out as well and the same thing happened. Whenever anyone sat on it the seat sank until you were only about a foot off the ground. The chair was obviously faulty. Fortunately there was a free phone number so Gary rang them up.

They admitted straightaway that the original chair was faulty so they ordered another chair for Gary and a box would be sent for us to put the faulty chair in and then they would come and take it away or at least that’s what they said. So the next day they delivered the other chair and a great big box for Gary and I to put the faulty chair in so the courier would come and take it away the next day, which was a Friday. Now our house is very small and this great big box took up practically the entire hallway so Gary and I could not get in or out of the front door and we had to struggle round the wretched thing to get upstairs.

So Friday came and went and needless to say no-one came to pick up the faulty chair. Gary rang them on Saturday morning and they promised faithfully to pick up the chair on Monday morning. Gary had an important doctor’s appointment on Monday morning so he explained we’d be out but Gary said we’d leave the box outside and the guy on the phone said that would be fine.

Monday came and went and still no-one came to pick up the box. It rained heavily while we were at the doctor’s and the box had now pretty much disintegrated. So Gary and I have wrapped a bin bag around the faulty chair and it now sits forlornly in the hallway still awaiting collection. It is half past three on Tuesday as I type this and guess what, still no collection.

Worse is that, this morning Viking sent me a letter billing me for the second chair and moaning that I haven’t paid for it. Gary phoned them up again and he cancelled the second chair and they are supposed to be calling to pick that one up as well. They also said they’d credit my account so I wouldn’t have to pay for either chair. Gary and I have both decided to go over Staples at Bristol and buy a new chair for him there and we have also decided to never buy anything from Viking ever again!

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