ROW80 Check – In 09/07/2014

Do not annoy the writer

Okay, I admit it; I’ve been in the doldrums for a while. I haven’t written a word in ages because first I told myself I was going away to Ireland and I’d start again when I got back. Then I told myself that I’d start at the beginning of July, but I missed that date. I realise that I was just making excuses so yesterday I bit the bullet and just wrote another chapter of my work in progress. I must say that I felt a lot better for doing it. Yesterday I also managed to sort out the favourites on my computer, which was a job I’d been meaning to do for ages and kept putting off. I practised my guitar, figured out how to listen to an audio book on my Kindle Fire and did 750 words.

Today I chopped all the weeds back in our front garden, wrote another chapter of my work in progress, practised my guitar and had another guitar lesson, did this blog post and plan to do another 750 words later. So after a long pause it’s back to full speed ahead!


4 thoughts on “ROW80 Check – In 09/07/2014

  1. I know exactly where you are at.. It’s horrid when you can’t find the motivation and wonderful when it leaps up… for as long as it lasts, in my case at least..

    Keep going..x

  2. I dumbfounded myself about 16 months ago, and it was an excruciating path to drag my self along to figure out why I had nothing to say (write). But boy, when it untangled, the gates came open! I can’t “shut up.” Listen to what you’ve recently written for the hidden muse and devilish imps holding her hostage!!

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