Yes, I AM a Feminist!

how men see women

I am always amazed when I hear a woman say “I’m not a feminist but…” I cannot understand why any woman would not be a feminist. Being a feminist doesn’t turn you into a dungaree wearing lentil eating lesbian, nor is being a lesbian anything to be ashamed of. But so many women seem frightened of admitting to being a feminist. Why?

To me, being a feminist is about being a man or a woman who believes that no-one should be discriminated against because of their gender. That’s all!

So I would like to say “Yes, I am a feminist and I am proud to be one. I consider it nothing to be ashamed of frightened of. It helps me to embrace my political, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual power and I can’t see anything wrong with that!


9 thoughts on “Yes, I AM a Feminist!

  1. I think it’s because the word has been hijacked terribly. I’ve been told I cannot be a feminist because I enjoy being a housewife and am not interested in having a career. I’ve had people who look at the fact that I’m raising a son as a sign that I must either cuckold him completely to protect women from him in the future or I’m not showing proper concern for my fellow sisters….

    I too consider myself a feminist. What’s more, my father and my husband both do too. Though I like the term “human”. 😀

  2. I will be happier when the term human represents us all equally without needing anything else but until then, I’m still a feminist. I think any woman who values herself is a feminist regardless of what she does for a living and I’m glad your husband and father are feminists too.

  3. I gave up on the term back in the 60s – in the feminist’s rabid attacks on the other half of the human race I think they put back the cause of equality by years and even now, as you note, folk are desperate to keep well away.
    I believe in equality for all humans, for all ages, for all races and religions – I won’t label myself feminist because I will not allay myself with one extreme or another I believe in humanity as a whole = sorry folks one old lady who is not a feminist.

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