#OctPoWriMo 2013: Bipolar Distress

A really great poem by the lovely Shah Wharton!

Shah's Scribbles

Please enjoy music while you read…


Press play to listen to beautiful music. Today I have Saturnus by Misha Mishenko



#OCTPOWRIMO: Every day for one month I’ll collect inspiration from here and write/post a poem here. You can too!


PROMPT: The Prompt: Choose a social issue that is important to you for your poem today. What calls your attention? Write from either a very individual and personal perspective or from a broad and global one.

Word Prompt: Social Issues

I could have gone on and one for this prompt. In the end I chose this poem, which I admit to writing a while back, although there were edits. I wanted to do the prompt justice but ran out of time to do so today.

I have bipolar disorder, as did my brother and as does my sister and niece. If you don’t know what that is like…

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