More Magnetic Poetry

Always be yourself

This is another magnetic poem that I did last night.

winter shines like ice/bringing a monster of cold/night season is almost eternal/but we sing of snow.


4 thoughts on “More Magnetic Poetry

  1. Interesting. So the concept is to look at one of those little magnets and write a poem? If yes, I really like your Viking magnet (being part Viking myself). But when we travelled in the North (actually above the Arctic Circle), we learned that winter was the time of long nights, where people jumped on their snow sleds and visited people they couldn’t spend time with during the harvesting months of spring and summer. So I’m thinking roaring fires, lots of grog, laughter, ghost stories, all those human endeavors that banish cold, ice, and death. Still a lovely poem.

    • Thank you for your comment and I’m glad you liked the poem. I don’t like to give interpretations of my poem because I like people to make up their own minds about them. If I say, my poem means this, then it stifles other people’s ideas. But after I’d written this, what it was saying to me was, that in the winter of your soul, when you’re feeling down and depressed, you can still choose to be happy by celebrating this winter and embracing your own darkness.

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