My first library card.


When I was a young girl I used to go to the library with my mother and she let me take out books on her library card but this one particular library trip when I think I was about eight or nine, she wanted to take out a lot of books and so did I. We were standing at the desk and the librarian was watching us and my mother said to me as I stood there with a stack of books in my arms, “I think you’ll have to put some of those back.”

Understandably my face fell and the watching librarian said to me, “Why don’t you take out a library card of your own and then you can take out all those books?”

I felt like I’d been given the keys to paradise and I remember being really excited. I remember it being one of the most exciting events in my childhood and certainly something I have never regretted.

So what about you? When did you get into libraries?


12 thoughts on “My first library card.

  1. Experienced the same feeling when we were given our first Reading book in the first grade. Full of short, short stories and poems. It wasn’t even colored. It was the first book I would read aside from those at home. I ran all the way home (a five-minute ride or a fifteen- to twenty-minute walk) because I was so excited to read it. Didn’t wait for the bus.

  2. What a lovely story–and big compliments to that librarian who obviously helped to create a lifelong reader!
    I don’t remember when I got my own library card–I think my parents must have gotten it for me before I even realized it. But I do remember feeling very grown up every time I used it–which was OFTEN! Going to the library every Saturday with my parents was a big deal to me.
    Thanks for prompting such a nice memory for me!

  3. I actually go to the library far more often now than I ever did as a kid. Not that I didn’t like reading, I just don’t remember my parents ever taking me. Now I’m there just about every week.

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  6. I loved being in the library between the rows and rows of books on hot summer days spending hours reading scary ghost stories and boys having big adventures with their dogs. Aaahh great memories. I still have my first card with a metal strip embedded on it designed for swiping on the machine to print onto the card that slipped into the pocket on the inside cover.

      • I love the ambiance and sacred peace found when walking through the doors of a library. There are so many roads to explore and travel through the pages of a book you just can’t put down.Long live the written word and the halls that offer it to us.
        Peace and cheers,

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