Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison 1

Today is the anniversary of the death of Jim Morrison; he died on July 3rd 1971. Now I realise that in some respects he is not the most admirable of people. He was essentially, an alcoholic who beat up his girlfriend. Now I never have and never will condone violence against women (or men) but I do realise that alcoholism is an illness that does tend to bring out the worst in people. It certainly did in Jim Morrison.

And yet. He was and still is, a music business legend and a rock God. He did have an immense talent as a rock performer and a poet and writer. And my God, was he sexy! In his younger days he was easily the sexiest lead singer the music business ever produced.

Now for some time I’ve been planning to write a book loosely (and I mean loosely) based on the life of Jim Morrison because he strikes me as one of those larger than life characters that you normally only come across in books. You might not want to live with the guy but as a character in a book, he’s absolutely perfect. He has all the conflict you could ever need before he’s even stepped outside the door!

So if we accept ourselves as all that we are with the good points and bad points then I think we can accept Jim for all the darkness and light that he had. RIP Jim Morrison.


2 thoughts on “Jim Morrison

  1. I’ve always liked the story about Jim calling his girlfriend and asking her to come over. So she arrives at his house and knocks on the door, but nobody replies. So she tries the door handle and realize that the door is open, so she go in and walk thru the whole house while asking, “Jim, are you there?” But nobody replies, so she walk back home again.

    Shortly after she has returned to her own place, the telephone rings and it is Jim who asks her, “when are you coming over?” She replies that she’s just been at his house and looked everywhere for him, and to which he replies, “Not true! You didn’t look under the bed!”

    PS. It sounds like such an interesting writing project you’re starting and I wish you the very best of luck with it 🙂

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