The ROW Check-in that never was!

Widget 5

As you may have noticed, I have not checked in for ages! I haven’t blogged for ages and this isn’t really a check-in either. In the time I’ve been away, my beloved cat Widget has died (boo hoo), I have been selected to go on Mastermind, I have been to Ireland and visited my parents and my sister has finally set a date for her wedding. Also, I sent Emily Swann off to an agent where it was promptly rejected! The rejection of Emily Swann and the death of my Widget upset me greatly and so I retreated from the writing world for a bit.

I do have periods where I stop writing, usually when I’m upset but I always wander back into the fold eventually. I’m not working on any particular project at the moment. My specialist subject for Mastermind is Sitting Bull and so I’m reading and taking notes on his life like mad and as I’ve always wanted to write a book about him, the plan is that when Mastermind is over I can use all the research I’m doing now for that.

Goals; what goals? My goal at the moment is to get through Mastermind without making a fool of myself and that’s all for now. But enough about me; how have you guys been getting on?


8 thoughts on “The ROW Check-in that never was!

  1. Hi Janet, much sympathy and love to you from me. Hang in there.
    I’m sure you’ll be brilliant at Mastermind. When will it be? I’ll be back in OXON for July, Aug and into Sept. Any chance it’ll be shown then?

  2. I know nothing about Mastermind BUT I see healing energy here. Condolences on the loss of your kitty-cat. These special friends remain a part of us for years and years. Don’t worry about making a fool out of yourself in Mastermind. Jump into it! Leap into your character! Go beyond being a fool. Push the boundaries — and have fun. I’m looking forward to learning more!

  3. MrsBongle, I stongly urge you to take a new furry ball. We had to put down our Sissi just before New Year’s Eve 2010, she got to 20.5 yrs but there’s new one from 2012; Ace who would not step to my study but outside it he’s like the dog Eddie in sitcom ‘Frasier’, staring me up to the nightly tooth cleaning. Cats just have it…Or just hungry.

    • Thank you for your kind words. We are thinking about getting a new furry ball but over the next six to eight weeks we have a pretty hectic schedule with lots of trips away so we want to wait until we’re more settled before making any important decisions because it wouldn’t be fair to the cat to get a new one, have it barely settled in and then have to go off and leave it, even if it was in the best of care.

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