The Ghost of Highgate Village.

View of Highgate John Constable

I thought I’d tell you a ghost story today. My sister told me this so it must be right! In 1626 Francis Bacon, who was a English writer and early scientist amongst other things, did an early experiment in the refridgeration of food. He decided to stuff a chicken (obviously a dead one) with snow to see if he could find a way to prolong the shelf life of meat. The end result of this was that he caught pneumonia and died.

But it isn’t his ghost that haunts Highgate Village; he’s supposed to haunt somewhere else, I forget where now. It is actually the ghost of the half frozen chicken that is supposed to haunt Highgate Village. Now I can’t imagine that the ghost of a half-frozen chicken would be that scary but you never know!


4 thoughts on “The Ghost of Highgate Village.

  1. Ha! I actually have minor alecktrophobia, a fear of chickens, so the idea of a ghost chicken is pretty terrifying! We had a rather nasty rooster growing up who had a viscous temper and met a pretty violent end… Now that I come across this, I think I’m going to think twice about spending a night in the old farmhouse (thankfully, by the time the rooster died, we’d moved into a newer house on the other side of the farm, so if he’s still hanging around, I don’t know about it!).

    Man, You might not find a ghost chicken scary, but it’s giving me shivers, lol! Absurd, I know, but some chickens are really mean sons of bitches!

  2. I never thought of chickens as being mean before but having heard of cock-fighting I suppose the roosters must be quite aggressive. My mother grew up in rural Ireland and she spent most of her childhood being attacked by geese!

  3. Thanks for the story, saved a dull evening! What kind of tale might ensue about the frozen chicken crossing Bacon? Van Helsing -type researcher follows Fortean phenomenon of ice eggs and loses aides to invisible pecker etc?

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