ROW80 Check-In 30/01/2013

???????Been a slow week this week. Have made a bit of progress on my goals but not much. For the link to my original goals, see here

Done a few more pages on my numerology book. Haven’t been reading most of my library books and have realised that I don’t like at least two of them so will probably be taking them back unread. I use the library as a testing ground for books and authors I don’t normally read and sometimes I find great new things and sometimes I don’t.

Haven’t put any new work out and am still spending too much time on Facebook.

Got some very sad news from my mother today. She e-mailed me to say that her cat Littley had to be put down. The poor thing had cancer, she had two huge tumours, one in her throat and one in her tummy. She will be much missed.


7 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 30/01/2013

  1. Sorry to hear about your mother’s cat; I remember how much my father cried when Marmalade (she was definitely “his cat” had to be put down for cancer. I hope your mother is okay and that she has another furbaby to be with her during the mourning.

    As for the library and books… Oh, I do that too! It’s a great way to really test books, even better than a chair in the local big box bookstore.

  2. Unfortunately she did have another cat but he died two weeks ago, on my mother’s birthday no less! Using the library as a testing ground is a lot cheaper than buying them all!

  3. Janet –

    I am grieving with your mother. As you know, we lost our beloved tiny Manx, Margot, last fall. Our house is full of felinesagain – but still empty of Margot….

    So sad to lose two,so close together….

    As for the writing, I find that the slow times lead to rich ones….

  4. As I’m sure you know every pet is so different with their own personality and though we can get other pets we never forget the loved ones that we’ve had. They are our fur babies and we love them all still!

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