A Review of Django Unchained

Gary and I went to see Django Unchained today.  We both enjoyed it but if you don’t like violence and gore I would advise you to avoid this film.  It’s a typical Tarantino film in that there is a lot of violence, mostly, but not all of it is quite stylised.  It is extremely graphic on the horrors of slavery; the most horrific moment is when it shows a runaway slave being torn to pieces by a pack of dogs.

I was glad I wore my hat because I just pulled the brim down over my eyes so I couldn’t see that bit.  It was too much even for me!  Leonardo Di Caprio is a right bastard in it!  And if anything, Samuel L. Jackson is worse!  I though Jamie Fox’s performance in the title role was almost too understated but that’s just my opinion.

A good film but not for the faint hearted.


2 thoughts on “A Review of Django Unchained

  1. I too saw Django, ready to duck at the first blood spatter (and closed my eyes often), but thought the acting Christopher Waltz pulled off as Dr. Schultz was worth the movie itself (Waltz was the graceful and passionate German doctor whose character/beliefs/world view allowed the story to unfold a friendship with Jamie Foxx untainted by racism). But I was grateful for the difficult parts of the movie, including Samuel L. Jackson, the sheer violence and fear, because it’s far too easy to romanticize the past. This movie counters that tendancy, don’t you think?

    • As a historian I think the first thing that studying history teaches us is that there is no such thing as ‘the good old days’. I think that the supporting cast of Django, particularly Waltz, upstaged Jamie Fox quite a lot. I also think the film was a little too long; there were parts where it dragged a bit. But for an uncompromising look at slavery, it did a good job!

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