I hate fox hunting!

cute foxes

I hate fox hunting because I think it is unbelieveably cruel!  I can understand that if someone is a poultry farmer and a fox gets into their hen house then they might have to shoot it to save the lives of their hens.  But if they must kill it, then do it with a quick clean shot.  To tear a panic striken animal to pieces with a pack of dogs is an act of barbarity that should not be allowed in the twenty-first century.

Some people will say it’s traditional but that is a pathetic argument.  It’s the same argument they used to try and justify slavery.  If it was traditional to be a peodophile, then would that make it okay to be one?  Of course not!  Just because something is traditional doesn’t make it right.

And there are those who will say it is a sport.  No; tennis, football and rugby are sports.  Ripping wild animals to pieces with dogs is not sport; it a an act of gross brutality.



4 thoughts on “I hate fox hunting!

  1. There are certain people in this world who cannot see a world without violence; all their lives exist in the framework of something else suffering because it makes them feel stronger. Fox hunting, dog and cock fights… heck, the fur trade!

    I agree with you. I don’t know how to stop it; I do know that we have a similar problem here with wolves. A friend of mine is trying to stop a mass slaughter of squirrels in her town.

    We need to make some new traditions. And as for you argument about the chickens and eggs… Yes, it’s annoying to a farmer, but as with the ranchers’ cattle and wolves–it’s money to the farmer/rancher; it’s life for the fox/wolf.

  2. I feel we need to stop breaking humans. It’s broken humans who think that things like fox hunting, slavery, and striking children are acceptable because they’re traditional…

    It is the result of a lack of empathy or valuing other living beings – knowing and/or caring that the fox, the enslaved person, or the child feels wholly and completely everything done to them.

    Animals are considered to have no feelings (obviously not true!), slaves and children are not considered fully human….

    Humans who are not broken don’t feel this way….

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