Another day in the Bongle house.

We actually managed to get out of the house today for the first time since last Friday!  Did a load of food shopping and spent £89 (that’s about $120 for the benefit of the Americans) but at least we’re stocked up with milk and bread and eggs and all sorts of other things.  Did it just in time as well because we got home and it immediately started snowing again!

Managed to pop into the Central Library in town and got four more books out!  So much for my idea about reading the books I already have lying round the house first.  Still at least the library books aren’t costing me money.  Now the library have my e-mail address, they send me e-mails when my books are due back so I don’t forget about them and that means I’m not paying a fortune in overdue fines anymore either!

The bad news is that our roof is leaking.  Mr Bongle, otherwise known as lovely hubby, rang the insurance people and they’re sending out a surveyor to look at the damage and decide if our policy covers it.  We’re both praying that it does because otherwise it’s going to cost us a lot of money.  With all the rain we’ve been having and now the snow as well it’s hardly surprising that the roof is suffering though.

And that’s my exciting life!  What about yours?


4 thoughts on “Another day in the Bongle house.

  1. At least you have food and books, right? I, too, have enough books to read but I love going to the library. Am hoping you have plenty of buckets until the roof is repaired.


  2. Hello Mrs Bongle, I’m not sure how I got to your site but here I am! I’ve been on a blog hop and…well…I have a bit of a butterfly brain, but it’s nice to land on your blog. I’ve just recently left England for a few months in Vancouver and, as soon as I left, it started to snow leaving my partner Robert to deal with it all. (snigger) Sorry to read about your roof. Last year we had a big wind come thru OXON and move a couple fo the slate tiles but we just got up there and put them back ourselves. I hope you don’t have a lot of trouble over the fix. Gosh, do you remember the winter a couple fo year ago when we had so much snow that Heathrow closed? Come to think of it it doesn’t take much to close Heathrow…bad example…but you probably remember. Anyway, now that I’m here I’ll have a look around and follow the fun. See you soon. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments Veronica! Unfortunately because we’re old and lovely hubby is disabled, getting up on the roof is out of the question for us! I envy your youth and vigour. I also envy you for being in Canada; I dreamt about Canada recently; I wonder if it’s an omen!

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