A Real Life Love Story.

Susan and Andy 2

The lovely lady in this photo is my wonderful sister and the lovely gentleman sat next to her is her fiancee.  They met when they were both at university in about 1983(ish) when he was studying law and she was studying history.  There was an immediate attraction and they fell in love but for one reason or another it didn’t work out and after five years they had a big row and split up.

Now I thought ‘well that’s the end of that then’ and left it at that but my sister told me that about a couple of years ago she dreamt about her ex and so decided to make cautious contact with him.  After a few e-mails and phone calls it became obvious that the attraction was still there.

Now he had been married and divorced and he has a lovely well mannered and extremely nice daughter but none of this was an impediment; so nearly thirty years after they first met they got engaged.  I think this is so romantic and it proves that real love never goes away.  Today is the lovely gentleman’s birthday, I won’t say his name because he’s a bit shy like that.  But happy birthday, brother-in-law and welcome to the family!


One thought on “A Real Life Love Story.

  1. Isn’t that a neat story. The same thing happened to a guy I know. Back in the 70s he asked her to marry him and she never answered – she went off to college and he went in the military. And then 30 some years later, she called him up out of the blue and answered “yes”.

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