This is a picture of our back garden that I took about five minutes ago.  As you can see, snow has been falling heavily and it’s still falling.  Now snow looks very pretty and I loved it as a child, (didn’t we all!) but I just don’t enjoy it so much now that I’m forty-seven.

I admit that it makes everything look clean and white because it covers all the litter but it does mean that it’s very cold and I hate the cold!  And it has serious implications for my lovely hubby’s health.

A few years ago my lovely hubby fell down and as a result he got a blood clot in his groin which was DVT and he had to go to hospital.  Ever since then the doctor has said that if he has another fall he has to go straight to hospital and get checked out.  This means that he hates the snow and ice because he is virtually trapped in the house because he can’t go out for fear of falling.

This is hardly an enjoyable set of affairs and I already worry about him falling and hurting himself, even when the weather is normal wind and rain, so I get worried sick when there’s snow and ice on the ground.  So now I’m just hoping the snow melts and disappears as soon as possible!


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