ROW80 Check-In 16/01/2013

Well it’s been quite a good week but not the best ever.  Have still been making progress on my goals.  (For a list of my original goals see this post –   )

I have written another chapter of my numerology book and am still on course for finishing at the end of January.  I will be very thrilled if I do that because I don’t actually have to finish until the end of March but I have no problem with being ahead of my goals!

Another epic fail on the reading because I bought two more new books today!  In my defence I did still have some book tokens I got for Christmas to use up and it would have been a crime to waste them!  I have read one library book, am about halfway through three more and haven’t even started on the fourth.

Haven’t really taken any more steps to getting my work out into the light of day.  But on that note, I had an e-mail this morning from the Authonomy team about a new challenge they’re running.  It’s about trying to write a novel, or more accurately, a novella, in just thirty hours!  Sounds a bit extreme!  Here is the link if you fancy trying it.

And finally I’ve been spending just as much time of Facebook as I normally do, if not maybe a little bit more so that’s a fail as well!  Oh dear.  Never mind, there’s always next week.  How’s everyone else getting on?


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