Stepping out and staying in!

snoopy happy dance

One of my goals for this year/round of ROW is to put my work out there a bit more and I just thought of a way I could do that (with a little help from my friends!)

Someone just asked if I’d like to guest post on her blog and I said yes.  I love guest posting because, although it makes me nervous, I’m always immensely flattered to be asked.  So I thought to myself, maybe I could have a bit of a party blog this year?

I’ll come to yours and you can come to mine.  I’m happy to guest post with anyone one who’s fool enough…I mean, kind enough to have me and I would love lots of other lovely writers to guest post for me!

When it comes to guest posts I’m not fussy about topics because my blog is all about my crazy…I mean varied life so any sort of thing is good.  I’m interested in loads of different stuff but I prefer upbeat blog posts.  Let me know if anyone of you wonderful people out there in cyberspace would be willing to hang out on my little blog for a while.  See you soon!  (I hope!)



2 thoughts on “Stepping out and staying in!

  1. It’s good you’re trying to get your work out there more and more. A writer writes to be read, and people can’t read it if they can’t find it.

  2. Thank you Eden! I think it’s easy to be trapped in the fearful anxious state of sending out nothing so you won’t be rejected. I do get a bit scared when I put my writing out into the big wide world.

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