ROW80 Check-In 06/01/2013

Aargh!  I can’t believe it’s another round of ROW already!  What happened to the last round?  And I can’t believe it’s 2013 as well.  As I get older, the years seem to whizz by faster and faster.


1) Write four books this year; ideally one a round of ROW.

2) Read some of the books I’ve been buying and not getting around to reading yet.

3) To stop hiding my light under a bushel and actually send my writing out to people; I rarely submit my work because I’m too afraid but this year I’m going to bite the bullet and do it!

4) To stop spending my life on Facebook and do more constructive things like read and write.


1) Have half finished one book already; they’re only short books, I shouldn’t think any of them will be more than fifty pages.

2) Have made a pile of books to be read in my study and have started working my way through.  In truth I had to make two piles because when I tried to put them all in one pile they fell over!  And I don’t have room to pile up any more so these piles are just for starters.

3) Have sent out Emily Swann to a friend who’s a literary agent.

4) Still go on Facebook but have stopped playing half the silly games I used to.

Hope everyone else has a great round!


13 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 06/01/2013

  1. You sound a lot like me.I have all these books to read and all these books to write, and instead spend my time wasting time. Arrgh. But it is a new year! Let’s get after those goals!

  2. My philosophy is that I am always writing….even the kids think nothing anymore of my saying I am going to go take a hot shower and write scenes in my head.

    Perhaps, before now, you weren’t really ready. I’ve found that when I really am ready to do something, I do it. I may have spent years avoiding it, dancing around it, or beating my head against it for years, and then I do it, as though there had been none of that other stuff.

    I think I need all that, sometimes, to be ready.

    And, now, to help you just a wee bit with revealing your shininess, I have plenty of space for guest posters at my place, and, so long as it’s positive, the rest is up to you…

    Just let me know if you want to warm up with something gentle and potentially non-threatening. I love your voice, and would love to share it!

    So happy to see you again this round!

    • Ooh I would love to guest post for you! I’m also immensely flattered that you said you love my voice! I suppose the trouble with me is I don’t think of daydreaming and thinking as writing because I do those ALL the time! I’m sure I could come up with some happy shiny topic for you. Let me know what you want.

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  10. Lol, Mrs Bongle, well done. I just finished writing about how I find books under my pillow…no idea how they get there. 🙂

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