The Ghost of Highgate Village.

View of Highgate John Constable

I thought I’d tell you a ghost story today. My sister told me this so it must be right! In 1626 Francis Bacon, who was a English writer and early scientist amongst other things, did an early experiment in the refridgeration of food. He decided to stuff a chicken (obviously a dead one) with snow to see if he could find a way to prolong the shelf life of meat. The end result of this was that he caught pneumonia and died.

But it isn’t his ghost that haunts Highgate Village; he’s supposed to haunt somewhere else, I forget where now. It is actually the ghost of the half frozen chicken that is supposed to haunt Highgate Village. Now I can’t imagine that the ghost of a half-frozen chicken would be that scary but you never know!

ROW80 Check-In 30/01/2013

???????Been a slow week this week. Have made a bit of progress on my goals but not much. For the link to my original goals, see here

Done a few more pages on my numerology book. Haven’t been reading most of my library books and have realised that I don’t like at least two of them so will probably be taking them back unread. I use the library as a testing ground for books and authors I don’t normally read and sometimes I find great new things and sometimes I don’t.

Haven’t put any new work out and am still spending too much time on Facebook.

Got some very sad news from my mother today. She e-mailed me to say that her cat Littley had to be put down. The poor thing had cancer, she had two huge tumours, one in her throat and one in her tummy. She will be much missed.

A Review of Django Unchained

Gary and I went to see Django Unchained today.  We both enjoyed it but if you don’t like violence and gore I would advise you to avoid this film.  It’s a typical Tarantino film in that there is a lot of violence, mostly, but not all of it is quite stylised.  It is extremely graphic on the horrors of slavery; the most horrific moment is when it shows a runaway slave being torn to pieces by a pack of dogs.

I was glad I wore my hat because I just pulled the brim down over my eyes so I couldn’t see that bit.  It was too much even for me!  Leonardo Di Caprio is a right bastard in it!  And if anything, Samuel L. Jackson is worse!  I though Jamie Fox’s performance in the title role was almost too understated but that’s just my opinion.

A good film but not for the faint hearted.

I hate fox hunting!

cute foxes

I hate fox hunting because I think it is unbelieveably cruel!  I can understand that if someone is a poultry farmer and a fox gets into their hen house then they might have to shoot it to save the lives of their hens.  But if they must kill it, then do it with a quick clean shot.  To tear a panic striken animal to pieces with a pack of dogs is an act of barbarity that should not be allowed in the twenty-first century.

Some people will say it’s traditional but that is a pathetic argument.  It’s the same argument they used to try and justify slavery.  If it was traditional to be a peodophile, then would that make it okay to be one?  Of course not!  Just because something is traditional doesn’t make it right.

And there are those who will say it is a sport.  No; tennis, football and rugby are sports.  Ripping wild animals to pieces with dogs is not sport; it a an act of gross brutality.


ROW80 Check-In 27/01/2013

For a link to my original goals; see here

Have done less writing than last week; apathy has been closing in again.  I blame it on the grey cloudy skies and pouring rain!

Reading has slowed down a bit as well, probably for the same reason.

Haven’t put any work out into the world.

And have been spending my life on Facebook again!

I have progressed a bit more on my numerology book but I know now that I won’t be finished by the end of January so the new date for finishing is February the 14th.

Other than that it’s been a slow week.  Hope everyone else is doing better.

My big bit/little bit theory.

I had to share this video because I think it is really special!  And it chimes with what I call my big bit/little bit theory.  What I mean is that if you separate your rubbish for recycling then you’re doing a little bit to help make the world a better place and it’s easy to think that that little bit doesn’t matter but if everyone in the whole world does that one little bit then it becomes a great big bit.

I think we have to remember that it’s hard for one person to do a lot but collectively we can change the world.  It’s the small acts of kindness, the little meaningful things we do that really can create change.  The cynics we say that things are getting worse and there’s nothing we can do about it.  But I think that as long as people do small things to make the world a better place not just for the environment for the people who live on this Earth then things will get better.

And when we help others and the planet, we are helping ourselves.  By improving things around us we improve as people and that can only be a good thing.  You don’t have to try to change the world on your own but collectively we can and do move mountains.

What do you think?

Calling All Essay Writers!

Just had an e-mail today from The Guardian newspaper about a competition they’re running to find the best essayists.  The theme of the competition is ‘Protest’.  They want people to write an essay about any protest they took part in, whether locally or nationally.  They want you to explain in 5,000 words why you took part, what you did and all about the human stories behind your protest.  If you’re interested, here’s the link

Good luck to everyone who enters!


The Further Adventures of a Widget


This is our cat Widget, otherwise known as Widget Bongle.  Yesterday she had to go to the animal hospital to have some teeth taken out.  We knew she had a problem with her teeth because her breath was really smelly!

Anyway, we dropped her off yesterday morning after signing the consent form (which I hate doing!) and then fretted all day (as you do!)  Finally the hospital rang us just after five to say there was a problem.  My heart dropped.

Now Widget had had diabetes but she recovered so well that it looked like the diabetes had gone away.  But the hospital said that they’d done a routine blood test before the operation and found that her blood sugar was very high!

So it looks like her diabetes is back.  I have to give her injections of insulin twice a day, its only one unit of insulin so it’s obviously a very small amount.  It’s a good job that she is very good about taking her injections.  She squeaks a bit before but she never plays up much.

One of the things we both love about Widget is that she is a very gentle cat.  She never bites or claws; it’s just not within her.  If something is happening that she doesn’t like she just runs away.  She doesn’t like being picked up but she just wriggles like mad when you do it.  Again, she is never aggressive.

She is such a loving cat and she loves to be stroked and petted.  That’s one of the reasons we adopted her from the Rescue Centre is that she came straight over to us and cuddled and purred and she was so affectionate right from the beginning.

Today she looks fine, her eyes are bright and her nose is cold and damp and she’s moving around fine.  She looks well and she’s eating okay and drinking her water.  She won’t drink tap water so we have to buy mineral water for her to have!  The things we do for that cat!  So her diabetes is back but it looks like it’s under control.

ROW80 Check-In 23/01/2013

Have slowed down slightly on my goals.  For the original list, see here

Wrote every day on my numerology book except yesterday.  I’m not going to beat myself up for missing one day.

Still failing on the reading the books I have in the house goal because I went to the library yesterday and took out another four books!

Haven’t put any more of my work out into the big wide world either.

And am still spending excessive amounts of times on Facebook.

Despite this lack of progress I don’t feel bad and am actually feeling quite optimistic.  Did manage to locate some of the stuff for the book that lovely hubby and I are planning to do together.  Located his interview with Christopher Lee; it’s longer than I thought but that’s okay.  Still have a few more things to dig out and then I can start editing (mainly correcting his slightly erratic spelling) and we’ll be good to go!

Christopher Lee

Decided to use this picture as he looks very handsome here and I wanted to avoid the cliche Dracula stuff!

Another day in the Bongle house.

We actually managed to get out of the house today for the first time since last Friday!  Did a load of food shopping and spent £89 (that’s about $120 for the benefit of the Americans) but at least we’re stocked up with milk and bread and eggs and all sorts of other things.  Did it just in time as well because we got home and it immediately started snowing again!

Managed to pop into the Central Library in town and got four more books out!  So much for my idea about reading the books I already have lying round the house first.  Still at least the library books aren’t costing me money.  Now the library have my e-mail address, they send me e-mails when my books are due back so I don’t forget about them and that means I’m not paying a fortune in overdue fines anymore either!

The bad news is that our roof is leaking.  Mr Bongle, otherwise known as lovely hubby, rang the insurance people and they’re sending out a surveyor to look at the damage and decide if our policy covers it.  We’re both praying that it does because otherwise it’s going to cost us a lot of money.  With all the rain we’ve been having and now the snow as well it’s hardly surprising that the roof is suffering though.

And that’s my exciting life!  What about yours?