At last! A ROW80 Check-In!

Well its been a while since I’ve done one of these.  I did do a poem for Morgan’s poetry thing in October every day until the 28th of October and then my inspiration died or my muse took a break or something like that.

I didn’t sign up for NaNoWriMo as I just wanted to finish the novel I was working on already and decided in the end that starting a new one would just distract me too much!

But progress on Emily Swann (my WIP) has continued in fits and starts.  Last week I did about 700 words on three separate days and then took three days off.  Yesterday I did almost one thousand words and today I did about 500 so its not going badly.

The really good news is I’m getting very close to the end!  Ooh, almost finished.  Its both scary and exciting to finish a novel.  Scary because you then have to let people start reading it with all the risks that entails; and exciting because you never know what’s going to happen.  The dream, of course, is that it gets picked up by an agent who loves it who then persuades some publisher to take it and it goes on to become a best seller.  Its happened to other authors so I, being the eternal optimist, believe its capable of happening to me.

But the trouble with me is I dream so big that if the book doesn’t live up to my expectations and everyone doesn’t adore it or it just gets the usual stream of rejections then I’m gutted!  I know I need to develop a thicker skin and that’s something I’m working on (with difficulty!)

Hope everyone else who’s writing is doing well too!