A Poem entitled “Early Morning Hour”.

Actually used a prompt today.  I don’t like using prompts most of the time because I’m too rebellious and when people say “write a poem about this, that or the other” I end up thinking “no, I don’t want to!”

But today’s prompt was to open a book at random and pick out three words and then use them to create a poem.  There was more but being me I elected to ignore the rest!  The book I choose was “To The Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf and the phrase I picked out was “early morning hour”.

Title – Early Morning Hour

Cold blue light seeps into the world

In this early morning hour.

Nothing sings but the birds;

People lie cradled in their beds,

The day lies before us like a clean slate.

Wake now for the day has come,

And this could be the day

You leap into being.


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