A Descriptive/List Poem

City Centre


Brightly coloured buses, buskers singing the golden oldies,

A bank, a bookshop, a coffee shop; wandering pigeons,

Conker shells and leaves littering the pavement,

People walking round carrying shopping bags,

Eating, pushing pushchairs and checking their phones.

I only saw one woman smoking.


A young man weaving through crowds on a bicycle,

Two old fashioned red phone boxes and a pillar box next to it;

Little dog on a long lead.


A young woman scuffing her feet as she walks along,

An old lady pulling a shopping trolley,

A young pretty blond woman sits next to me on the bench;

She is clutching a cardboard cup with a hot drink, probably coffee, in it.

A man, not that young, on a skateboard and listening to his i-pod trundles past.

The busker sings “I’m a Believer” followed by “Over the Rainbow.”


A large van making a delivery has hazard lights flashing;

The sound of his engine almost drowns out the busker.

A mother struggles to put reins on her squirming daughter;

The daughter looks about four and has a yellow rucksack on her back.

I check the time on my phone, get up and walk away.





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