Literary Festival Rag

This is the first draft of a poem I wrote while at the Cheltenham Literary Festival.

Grey cloudy sky,

Large tents covered in advertising,

Coffee in cardboard cups,

Crocodiles of schoolchildren ushered around by adults in reflective clothing,

Newspapers; free and for sale,

People with identity badges around their necks,

Coloured scarves,

Uncomfortable seats,

Everyone’s chatting or reading,

Bedraggled flowerbeds soggy with rain,



Canvas bags and rucksacks,


The rain makes a roaring sound as it beats on the canvas roof.


2 thoughts on “Literary Festival Rag

  1. I can see it! I was grabbed most by those crocodiles of schoolchildren. We see them so often when we are out and about during school hours….compared to them, my free children are skittering leaves, blowing this way and that, touching this and lingering over that…

    The last line pulls it all together.

    I so love this poem! ❤

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