The Second Day of OctPoWriMo


I did an Arvon Poetry Course at the end of September and the day I arrived I was looking out of the window of my room and this guy drove up, opened the boot of his car and a black dog, which looked like some sort of spaniel, jumped out.  He played frisbee with the dog for a bit.  I went down and got introduced.  The guy ran the centre and his name was Ollie (I forget what his surname was!) and the dog was called Huxley.  He (Huxley) was quite young and he loved to play frisbee!  I ended up writing this poem.

To Huxley.

Oh the joy of frisbee,

To see the frisbee fly;

He almost wags his bottom off

As he leaps towards the sky.

No bank, no post office, no school run,

The frisbee is his treasure.

Just a piece of plastic thrown about

Is all he needs to bring him pleasure.

No bills to pay or adult angst,

No wading through human fog;

Just a frisbee and time to play,

I wish I was a dog!


One thought on “The Second Day of OctPoWriMo

  1. Geez, I wish I was too! Isn’t that ideal, to be caught up only in the now moment and not have to think too far ahead? Humans could learn quite a bit from dogs I think. Cute poem!

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