A Poem inspired by the prompt ‘I see’.

I see on my desk a glass of water almost full.

I see on my desk a cup full of pencils and pens.

I see on my desk a laptop.

I see on my desk a pair of reading glasses with brown plastic frames.

I see on my desk a roll of sellotape.

I see on my desk a little tub of lip gloss with a black lid.

I see on my desk a copy of ‘Little Sister’ by Raymond Chandler.

I see on my desk a pack of Power Animal Oracle Cards.

I see on my desk a birthday card from my husband.

I see on my desk fragments of my world.

A Poem called “I forgive you.”

A poem on today’s prompt which was forgiveness.

I forgive you like a liar,

I forgive you like a friend,

I forgive you like a believer,

I forgive you like a lover,

I forgive you like a queen,

I forgive you like a wanderer,

I forgive you like a magician,

I forgive you like a blacksmith,

I forgive you like a whore,

I forgive you like a warrior,

I forgive you like a child,

I forgive you;

Because forgiveness is all there is.

A Poem entitled “Early Morning Hour”.

Actually used a prompt today.  I don’t like using prompts most of the time because I’m too rebellious and when people say “write a poem about this, that or the other” I end up thinking “no, I don’t want to!”

But today’s prompt was to open a book at random and pick out three words and then use them to create a poem.  There was more but being me I elected to ignore the rest!  The book I choose was “To The Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf and the phrase I picked out was “early morning hour”.

Title – Early Morning Hour

Cold blue light seeps into the world

In this early morning hour.

Nothing sings but the birds;

People lie cradled in their beds,

The day lies before us like a clean slate.

Wake now for the day has come,

And this could be the day

You leap into being.

A Poem For My Sister

My sister is going into hospital for an operation on her hip on the 24th October 2012 and although I’m sure everything will be fine, you can’t help worrying.  I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about my relationship with her and so this poem is for you, sister of mine!

Title – Sister

What strange things to share; blood, DNA and parents.

I have known you my whole life.

I cannot imagine what life would be like without you.

There have been times when you have seemed overbearing and bossy,

But other times when I know you are the best friend I’ll ever have.

We share so much more than just an upbringing;

We share each other’s hearts.

A Poem About a Snail

Title – Snail

What is it like to slither on a carpet of slime

Carrying your caravan on your back?

What is it like to be hated by gardeners;

Prey to thrushes and slug pellets?

What is it like to come out on wet nights

And mate in pools of goo?

Do you think?

Do you believe?

Do you hope?

What is it like to be a snail?

Not a haiku!

I thought that, just for a change, I’d do another list poem today.  This was a response to yesterday’s prompt about time.  It is typical of me to be a day behind everybody else!

Title- Time

Time passes like a frog hopping.

Time passes like a freight train.

Time passes like a red car.

Times passes like an old man walking.

Time passes like a shopping trolley.

Time passes like a woman on wheels.

Time passes like a dog with a stick.

Time passes like a pregnant woman.

Time passes like a skipping child.

Time passes like a cat asleep in the sun.

Time passes like death.

A Haiku called “Distance”.

I have spent a lot of time away from home recently.  I went on a Arvon Poetry Course in Devon and then the following week I stayed with my sister in Cheltenham and went to the Cheltenham Literary Festival and then the following week I stayed with my sister again and saw a few more things at the Cheltenham Literary Festival.

Now all this stuff was really good and really interesting but I missed my lovely husband a lot.  And it was the feeling of missing him that inspired this haiku.

Title – Distance

You out there alone,

The prison of time and space

Keeping us apart.