ROW80 Check – In 16/09/2012

Have had a relatively good week this week.  I have edited my to do list down to three writing jobs every day and two reading tasks.  The three writing tasks are 1) Write between five hundred and one thousand words of Emily Swann 2) Do 750 words and 3) Do a blog post.

So my progress was:

Sunday – check.  Did everything.

Saturday – only did two hundred and fifty words of Emily Swann and didn’t do blog post.

Friday – check.  Did everything.

Thursday – check.  Did everything.

My reading tasks are to read at least one poem a day and read at least one chapter of any book every day.  Managed both of those every day with ease.

I am now contemplating adding another writing task which would be a long poem I have worked on a while back and then doubt crept in and I abandoned it.  I am thinking on resuming work on that but I’m also worried that if I add too many tasks I will end up doing nothing at all.  What do you guys think?



One thought on “ROW80 Check – In 16/09/2012

  1. When approaching writing a poem it sometimes helps to let go of expectation and just write. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just write from your heart and soul.

    Checking everyone’s blogs for #OctPoWriMo Glad to have you along for the ride.


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