ROW80 Check – In 16/09/2012

Have had a relatively good week this week.  I have edited my to do list down to three writing jobs every day and two reading tasks.  The three writing tasks are 1) Write between five hundred and one thousand words of Emily Swann 2) Do 750 words and 3) Do a blog post.

So my progress was:

Sunday – check.  Did everything.

Saturday – only did two hundred and fifty words of Emily Swann and didn’t do blog post.

Friday – check.  Did everything.

Thursday – check.  Did everything.

My reading tasks are to read at least one poem a day and read at least one chapter of any book every day.  Managed both of those every day with ease.

I am now contemplating adding another writing task which would be a long poem I have worked on a while back and then doubt crept in and I abandoned it.  I am thinking on resuming work on that but I’m also worried that if I add too many tasks I will end up doing nothing at all.  What do you guys think?


Film Friday – Lawless

Gary and I both liked this film a lot though the fact that its set in one of our favourite time periods goes someway to explaining why.  Its set in 1930s Mid-West just before the end of prohibition.  The cast is pretty stellar too with a cameo from Gary Oldman, who is always one of my favourite actors, and Guy Pearce plays one of the meanest baddies I’ve ever seen.

However I must say, if you don’t like the sight of blood and graphic violence then don’t go and see this film.  It even includes a brief glimpse of a pair of testicles in a jar!  The script is by Nicholas Cage and I thought it was really good and the soundtrack is to die for!  It’s all folk songs and stuff like that which I love and includes performances by Emmylou Harris and Wille Nelson and a really original version of the Lou Reed song White Heat/White Light.

The photography was very beautiful in parts as well and it was very atmospheric.  As a historian I didn’t spot any obvious historical inaccuracies.  I think Hollywood is getting a bit better at the research.  All in all, a great film that we both enjoyed very much!

The Saga of the Washing Machine

About four weeks ago our old washing machine finally gave up the ghost.  I wasn’t particularly worried because I thought ‘we’ll just get a new one’.  It was under a service guarantee by British Gas and after an engineer had come round and pronounced it dead, they gave us a £90 coupon towards getting a new machine with the specification that we had to buy it from Comet.

So Gary and I went online and looked at washing machines, and particularly the customer reviews and I chose a model.  The one I liked the look of was a Candy machine so we bought it and arranged an installation date.  On the appointed day two Welsh engineers turned up, took one look under the sink and said they couldn’t fit the machine because the taps under the sink were too old and there was a water leak there.

So disappointed we called out DynaRod, all still under the household insurance, and they came out.  The man from DynaRod said the taps under the sink are fine, in fact the old taps are better than the new ones and there was no leak under the sink.  Now I was starting to get annoyed because I believed (and still do!) that the Welsh engineers lied to me and I do not like being lied to!

So we called Comet again (on their premium rate line at ten pence a minute) and the same Welsh engineers came back and installed the new machine.  They also took away the old machine.  They didn’t stay long but it was Saturday afternoon and I expect there was a rugby match on that they wanted to get back to.

So when they were gone I tried our new machine but…I could not get the dratted thing to work.  Gary had a go too and he couldn’t get it to work either.  To say I was livid does not start to cover it.  And then the dishwasher went on the blink as well.  By now I was beside myself and ended up in tears.  I was also amazed that the Welsh gits did not test the machine before they left to check it was working.

So we went back to the Comet store and insisted on speaking to the manageress.  She was very nice and she refunded our installation fee of £30.  She advised us to get an engineer from Candy to come out.  He’s supposed to be coming this Monday.  In the meantime a different engineer came out to look at the dishwasher.  As soon as he looked under the sink he discovered why it wasn’t working.  The stupid Welsh gits had disconnected the hot water supply to the dishwasher!

There was no reason for them to do this as the hot water supply to the washing machine is on a separate feed!  The engineer also discovered a water leak behind the dishwasher where a washer had come loose.  It took him about ten seconds to replace the loose washer and fix the leak.  He thought the Welsh gits had disconnected the water supply to stop the leak but why didn’t they just change the washer?  He also said that the Welsh gits should have tested the machine to check it was working before they left which was what I thought and what they conspiciously failed to do!

The hope is that on Monday the Candy engineer will finally fix the washing machine but both Gary and I are not that hopeful.  We expect he’ll say it needs a part and we’ll have to wait another week for that to come.  I thought we’d just get a new machine quickly and easily.  I didn’t expect it to turn into a saga to rival Gone With The Wind!  Nowadays it seems that nothing can ever be simple!

I hate dogshaming!

There’s a new craze on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for something that’s called dogshaming.  It consists of posting a picture or video of your dog with a sign next to them saying something like ‘my farts are smelly’ or ‘I wee on the carpet’.

A lot of people seem to find this hilarious but I’m sorry but I don’t.  I think that for the love, loyalty and total honesty that you get from a dog the occassional widdle on the carpet or smelly fart is a small price to pay.  A dog is one of the most beautiful animals on this planet and I just don’t think its amusing to want to reward their love by humiliating them.

If any animal should be shamed; it should be us.  Dogs don’t start wars.  Dogs don’t chop down the rainforest and pollute the whole planet.  Dogs are infintely better behaved than most humans (apart from the bum sniffing!)  As far as I can see dogs have nothing to be ashamed of but we have!