ROW80 Check-In 08/08/2012

Well like Arnie in the Terminator, I’m back.  Dropped out of ROW for a bit as you know but I didn’t get on the M.A. course so now I’m dropping back in again.  I have done a bit of work on Emily Swann but not much.  I did about five hundred words yesterday and the day before but didn’t work on it last week except for one day, I forget which one, when I did another five hundred words.

I think I need to set new goals so I’m going to do at least five hundred words of Emily Swann every day and on good days, of which I hope they’ll be many I’m going to try and do one thousand words a day.  I will read at least one chapter of a book every day and one poem.  I will do at least four blog posts a week, of which two will be ROW.  And I will do my best to remember to do the 750 words every day as well.

I did my 750 words for today just after lunch and I’m doing the blog post ROW check-in now so that’s those two out of the way.  Still have five hundred words of Emily Swann to do plus the reading.  I know the reading won’t be a problem because it never is.  When everything else slips I still always manage to read so that’s good.  I am a bit behind on my 50/50 challenge.  To be honest, I’m way behind on the films but I’ve given up on that part but I’m just about five books behind on the reading which isn’t too bad.

I hope everyone else is getting on fabulously and look forward to getting back in to reading and commenting on all the blogs.


2 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-In 08/08/2012

  1. Writing blog posts really helped me get a sense of the tone in my current nonfiction manuscript. Since I’ve been using blog posts as a writing tool, my productivity really picked up but I attribute that mostly to writing daily, which I started in 30 minute sprints. Good for you for returning to ROW 80; we are with you.


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