Reclaiming our vaginas.

There is a movement in the Republican Right to ban the use of the word vagina and a woman has just been forbidden to speak in Congress because she said it on the floor of the House of Representatives.  Ladies, this word belongs to us and not to men, least of all to those who think they have a right to tell us how to live, what to do with our own bodies or what words they can put in our mouths.

There is also a movement, which I am proud to be a part of, which seeks to reclaim our rights, our lives and our words.  This is becoming known as the vagina movement.  So I would ask all you ladies out there in cyberspace to tweet or post on Facebook or write a blog about the word ‘vagina’.  This word is anatomically correct and so it is the right word to use.

The vagina represents the sacred feminine and in Native American Society women were sacred because they could give live through childbirth.  In the Viking Runes one of the runes is read as the word ‘vagina’ and it represents mystery and the unknown.  This word does not belong to bigots; this word belongs to beautiful and empowered women.


12 thoughts on “Reclaiming our vaginas.

  1. I loved your post. What are those guys in the House… 4 year olds? “Oooooh…. I’m tellin’…. she said a naughty word!” C’mon, guys… GROW UP! Our vaginas are the Sacred Gateway of Life. Somebody needs to tell those fellows where babies come from! Our vaginas are also the Sacred Gateway to Pleasure. In my worldview, pleasure is good, pain is bad. I say, let’s keep the word “vagina” and forbid the word “gun”.

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