ROW80 Check – In 13/05/2012

After saying I wouldn’t do I gave in to temptation and signed up for 750words.  Not only did I start doing it but I signed up for the monthly challenge, am on a thirteen day streak so far.  Have also finished chapter four of Emily Swann and finished reading The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad.  I’m trying to catch up with all the classics that I missed but if I had known when I started reading that all three of the central characters were going to end up dead I don’t think I would have finished.  A good book but depressing.

I am actually falling behind on my 50/50 challenge.  I’m so far behind with the films I’ve practically given up and I’ve read only fourteen books so far this year.  Part of the trouble is that I keep picking up new books and starting those when I should be concentrating on finishing the ones I’m already reading.  So I have decided not to start another new book until I finish at least one of the ones I’m reading.

But as Alberta said, at least the sun is shining!


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