ROW80 Check – In 06/05/2012

A pretty productive week, especially towards the end.  I feel as if I’m getting into my stride again.  Did three and a half pages yesterday and about three today and have finished chapter four on my typewriter.  Still have to edit it on to the computer, then I print it off on to a hard copy, read it through and use a pen to mark mistakes, typos and things I don’t like.  Then I go back and edit it again on the computer.  So each chapter gets typed on the typewriter, then on the computer, then printed off and read through and then typed again.  Hopefully this will make Emily Swann the best novel I can possibly make it.

Its time consuming and it would be quicker if I edited it less but I want to do a really good job.  I would hate myself if I rushed it and produced something that wasn’t the best I knew it could be.  So I’m continuing to do it my way and it seems to be working.  Only have another thirty two chapters to go!!!!!!!!!!!

I should mention that I have already written/typed out Emily Swann three times before doing this edit so at the moment it seems never-ending.  Have being having fun fiddling with my new phone; I might even learn how to work it if I keep trying.  Still haven’t figured out how to send and receive texts but I did manage to switch the flash on on the camera.  One step at a time.

Oh, in case I forget, Widget is well.


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